Five simple ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle Looking after the environment shouldn't feel like a chore. What can you do to live a greener life?


Australia punching above its weight in vegan market

Animal welfare, the environment, and health are among the factors vegans say prompted them to turn to a completely animal free diet.  Shannon Jenkins reports. Transcript: Veganism: it’s a word that gets thrown around a lot. Veganism has been referred to as a trend, a lifestyle, and a philosophy, and it’s been the subject... Continue Reading →

my 21st: a series of events.

I just had what was probably the biggest week of my year. I'll do a quick recap...amongst submitting university assignments, last week I went to the Wombats, had my college ball, went to Green Day, spent the weekend in Fitzroy with family, and turned 21. All in the space of six days. I am stuffed.... Continue Reading →

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