the liberating luncheon

There is something wonderfully empowering about doing things on your own. It is the kind of feeling you get after cutting off your hair, or reaching a long-term goal. This morning, after various blood tests and doctor appointments, I discovered that I am not dying (as Google had me believe). This was obviously fantastic news.... Continue Reading →


Sunset over Eagles Nest

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and indulged on waaay too much chocolate. I know I did! My flatmate's family was kind enough to let me stay with them over the Easter break. Their home is situated in the picturesque Gippsland region, so I had a very relaxing break from uni life. One chilly evening Sarah and I... Continue Reading →

weekend update: 26/3/17

So, I had a pretty busy weekend. Here's how I spent it... Friday night: some friends and I had dinner and drinks at Fonda Mexican in Richmond. Mexican is my absolute favourite cuisine, so I was having a wow of a time. Afterwards, we went to the Corner Hotel to see Vallis Alps. They were insanely... Continue Reading →

street art of melbourne

Hosier lane is one of my favourite spots to visit in the city. It boasts incredible street art that is constantly changing. It can be found just across from Federation Square.

first week feelings.

I am currently sitting in my college flat, relaxing after the first week back at university. I am majoring in journalism and must admit, I'm not a fan of study. Not one bit. However, after meeting my tutors I feel a tad more optimistic about what I will be doing this semester. I will learn... Continue Reading →

2017 resolutions

We made it! The unbelievable year that was 2016 has finally come to an end. We can breathe a sigh of relief. The new year symbolises new beginnings for many, including myself. I have always been a firm believer in setting resolutions each new year. I rarely uphold them, but it's the thought that counts. For... Continue Reading →

The most wonderful time of the year

  There are only twenty days left until Christmas. Just let that sink in. Around this time every year, most people gift shop, attend Christmas parties, send out cards, stock up on festive foods and panic about all of the above because this holiday has a cheeky habit of sneaking up on everyone. But don't worry,... Continue Reading →


Thursday, 1st December 2016. This morning, as I was sipping on my coffee and browsing Vogue, I came across one article in particular that really resonated with me. A young American woman, only two years older than myself, wanted advice about moving to a new city and the prospect of being alone in that city. The... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Creativity and Self-Expression

Note: this post was originally written for an assignment. Throughout history, humans have engaged in myriad creative practices. From ancient Greek poetry to Renaissance art, these practices have served a variety of purposes. One such purpose is self-expression. Being able to actively express yourself is essential for health and wellbeing, and is closely related to creativity. The way self-expression... Continue Reading →

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