my tattoos

Today I thought I'd give you a peek at my tattoos. I only have two, but I plan on getting several more in the future.   The moon was tattooed in February 2016 at 8th Street Tattoo in Mildura. It was quite spontaneous. A group of friends and I went to Mildura for a girls... Continue Reading →


my 21st: a series of events.

I just had what was probably the biggest week of my year. I'll do a quick recap...amongst submitting university assignments, last week I went to the Wombats, had my college ball, went to Green Day, spent the weekend in Fitzroy with family, and turned 21. All in the space of six days. I am stuffed.... Continue Reading →

College Ball

Last Thursday night I had my Chisholm College ball. It was a fabulous night with lots of delicious food, wine, music and dancing. I wore a vintage dress that I discovered in an antique shop. Big thank you to the accommodation services at La Trobe University for organising such a wonderful night.


Memes to models: how Instagram is changing fashion

Two weeks ago, Gucci posted a series of memes to Instagram as part of a campaign to promote their new watch collection. Inspired by popular meme accounts, the iconic fashion house commissioned various artists to create these memes. They were all posted with the hashtag #TFWGucci (That Feel When Gucci). Although it received mixed reactions, the campaign... Continue Reading →


weekend update: 26/3/17

So, I had a pretty busy weekend. Here's how I spent it... Friday night: some friends and I had dinner and drinks at Fonda Mexican in Richmond. Mexican is my absolute favourite cuisine, so I was having a wow of a time. Afterwards, we went to the Corner Hotel to see Vallis Alps. They were insanely... Continue Reading →



In a spontaneous moment I decided to dye my hair pink. My family found this quite amusing, as I only ever wear black or neutral colours. To be honest, pink is the last colour that I would wear. There must be something in the new year air.  


holiday hair

For the party season I decided to refresh my hair with cool blondes and a pink tone. Who would have thought that only two years ago I had waist-length black hair? You know what they say... a change is as good as a holiday!


Should the Victoria’s Secret fashion show come to an end?

Ah, the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Every year, millions of people across America and the world tune in to watch the long-legged extravaganza of fashion, music and models. Like everything, the VSFS has as many fans as it does critics. As the show was taking place, I came across an article on Fashion Journal, titled Why it's... Continue Reading →


Makeup – is it art?

Note: this post was originally written for an assignment. Makeup is often regarded as nothing more than a product that enhances beauty. That is certainly not the case. For many, makeup is a valuable tool for self-expression. How many of you wore eyeliner to school as an act of rebellion? Guilty as charged. The way makeup is viewed by... Continue Reading →


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