curated: my favourite artists on instagram

In an ideal world, I would live next to a selection of galleries and museums that I could explore to my hearts content. Unfortunately, I do not, and it's a fair walk to the tram stop. Whenever Melbourne's moody weather discourages me from getting out and about, I turn to Instagram. Here are some quirky... Continue Reading →


living through a screen

The crowd buzzes softly, waiting. The air is thick with excitement, brimming with anticipation. The lights finally dim and everyone stretches their necks towards the stage. Screams, whistles and a heavy push forward signal the entrance of the band. Within seconds everyone is moving to the beat, smiling up at the stage and basking in... Continue Reading →

my tattoos

Today I thought I'd give you a peek at my tattoos. I only have two, but I plan on getting several more in the future.   The moon was tattooed in February 2016 at 8th Street Tattoo in Mildura. It was quite spontaneous. A group of friends and I went to Mildura for a girls... Continue Reading →

A moment in time

  Do you ever feel nostalgic for a time or place that you have never actually experienced? That is how I feel about the punk movement and the years that followed it. The way people lived and thought back then intrigues me. I long for the music, the fashion, the culture. I crave it so deeply... Continue Reading →

street art of melbourne

Hosier lane is one of my favourite spots to visit in the city. It boasts incredible street art that is constantly changing. It can be found just across from Federation Square.

Makeup – is it art?

Note: this post was originally written for an assignment. Makeup is often regarded as nothing more than a product that enhances beauty. That is certainly not the case. For many, makeup is a valuable tool for self-expression. How many of you wore eyeliner to school as an act of rebellion? Guilty as charged. The way makeup is viewed by... Continue Reading →

Mood Boards

Note: this post was originally written for an assignment. Mood boards are amazing creative tools. They combine various elements to convey a concept or atmosphere in a collage style. Images, textures, patterns, colours and text can all be used in mood boards, and they can be created physically or digitally. Mood board by Vogue. Designers often... Continue Reading →

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