album of the day


Album: Frogstomp

Artist: Silverchair

Year: 1995

The rundown: Frogstomp is raw, rough rock. It is the pure grunge sound that can only come from the minds of pissed off teenagers – all three band members were only 15 years old at the time of recording. That’s pretty astounding when you listen to the dark lyrics that are growled throughout the iconic debut album. Frogstomp’s angsty vocals, rough guitar, heavy bass and violent drums allowed Silverchair to slot right in with the other gritty rock bands of the nineties, setting them up to become one of Australia’s biggest bands. This album has the ability to transport the listener through time. You can just imagine an adolescent Johns, Gillies and Joannou thrashing out these songs in a dirty garage somewhere.

Favourite track: ‘Israel’s Son’. This powerful opening track screams we are here, we are angry. 


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