Green Day

Green Day has been one of my favourite bands since I was ten years old. I still remember playing air guitar in my bedroom to American Idiot, the album that introduced me to punk music and essentially changed my life.

Last Friday night I went to Green Day’s concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. My mum and her best friend (who has been a die hard Green Day fan for the last thirty years), came with me.

I haven’t seen my mum since she dropped me off at uni in February, so it turned out to be a pretty special weekend. She came down to Melbourne for the concert and to celebrate my 21st birthday.


jolly good show

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Green Day was definitely the highlight of the weekend. They played for hours on end, bringing out their old music, newest singles, and all the amazing stuff in between. The show would have appealed to any generation. My favourite moment was when they played Jesus of Suburbia. 

The amount of energy that Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool possess is incredible. Just dancing during the concert wore me out, so the fact that they can perform for that amount of time with such explosive energy is insane.

It’s not just their energy that amazed me, though. They are genuinely great guys. Billie Joe literally got a kid up on stage and gave him a guitar. The kid looked he could have cried of happiness, and the crowd cheered him on. It was this strong atmosphere of unity that defined the night. Green Day is such a politically driven band. They really care about their fans, and humanity in general. That is the heart of their music.

Let me know if you were at the concert, or if you too are a Green Day fan!


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