my 21st: a series of events.

I just had what was probably the biggest week of my year. I’ll do a quick recap…amongst submitting university assignments, last week I went to the Wombats, had my college ball, went to Green Day, spent the weekend in Fitzroy with family, and turned 21. All in the space of six days. I am stuffed. But hell, every second was bloody brilliant (apart from losing my phone in a pile of shit…but I’ll tell you about that later).

Since I already wrote about the concerts and ball in previous posts, I’ll tell you about my 21st celebrations. So, on Friday I met up with my mum and her best friend at a Mexican restaurant in Fitzroy, Hecho En Mexico. I had a delicious veg burrito and some red sangria. After a couple of drinks, we went back to the apartment we were staying in to get ready for Green Day. Mum gave me my presents, then we were off to the concert!

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This gorgeous print is from my best friend, Phoebe. She knows how much I love Harry Potter, so she was really excited to gift it to me.
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I received a few bits and bobs from Mum, including this delicious candle by Serenity.

After the concert, we ended the night perfectly with drinks and nibbles in the apartment. On Saturday we spent the day exploring Fitzroy. We had brunch at Attaboy Roy – I had baked eggs with beans. The service was great. After brunch we went to the artist market in Rose street.

These gorgeous items are by Tinka the Label. I love how unique the stones are, and the cut of the earrings is stunning. After the markets we did some more shopping, then found a cool little cafe that served $6 espresso martinis (sadly, the name has escaped me). When it was dinner time we made our way to Vegie Bar, and had an absolute feast. I don’t think I could have eaten any more if I tried – I highly recommend the Gyoza, Mee Goreng, and Moroccan Tajine. Heavenly, and all vegan. Once we could finally move our food baby bodies, it was off to Naked for Satan for drinks with a view.

Now, I’m not sure if you have noticed that I haven’t included any photos from the actual weekend, and there is a very good reason for that… when Naked for Satan was closing, the security would not let me go to the toilet. They told me I had to go across the road, so, I did. It was ‘across the road,’ in a bar that I do not remember the name of, where I accidentally dropped my phone down a port-a-loo. “How the hell did you drop your phone in a portable toilet?!” you may ask. Well, my friends, I’m not sure why this particular bar did not have normal toilets, but they did not. There were no locks, and there were no lights. So, in a drunken struggle, I attempted to navigate the port-a-loo using my phone as a light, while trying to hold the door because people outside were trying to get in. It was at that moment that my poor old phone slipped from my fingers and into the depths of the shit demons. And how did I react? Like any normal drunk, distraught human would. I attempted to shove my arm into the lair of the shit demons to rescue my drowning phone. Alas, the tainting of my arm was to no avail. I was forced to accept that the phone, and all my photos from my amazing weekend, were gone forever. Wow, first world problems.

Luckily we had already planned to go into the city the next day, so I was able to get a new phone pretty quickly. And to be honest, I loved that old iPhone 5s, but it was probably time for an upgrade.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the CBD, like the country bumpkin tourists that we are. I purchased my birthday outfit from Myer – a gorgeous floral dress by Piper. We had dinner along the Yarra, Mum and I said our sad goodbyes and I made my way back to uni.

My actual birthday was on Tuesday, and my flatmates surprised me with a gorgeous book filled with Chanel’s collections. My friends know how passionate I am about fashion, so their thoughtful gift really meant a lot.


Unfortunately my Tuesday timetable is pretty full, so I was busy for most of the day. Once I finished class, it was time to get ready and have a drink.

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Wearing: dress by Piper, belt by Valley Girl, jewellery by Tinka the Label and Pandora.

A few of my friends came over for drinks (don’t judge, Tuesday nights are college drinking nights) and some of us went out to a uni event.


My friend Rachel made my cake. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’d know that this is an homage to the cake that Hagrid makes for Harry’s eleventh birthday. Yummy and vegan.

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As you can see, turning 21 has had no effect on my maturity level. I hope it never does.


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