This weekend’s events (or lack thereof) reminded me of the importance of self-care. Before I tell you why, let me explain that I live on campus at uni. It’s a pretty social environment, which suits me because I don’t like being alone for too long. However, I do need my own space, which I still have here.

Back to the story – My flatmates went home on Thursday, so I have had the flat to myself all weekend. I spent Thursday afternoon catching up with a friend who also lives on campus. That night I felt like pampering myself, so I did a facemask and dyed my hair. It was a very low-key, relaxing evening.

I had classes on Friday, which kept me busy for the day. I also had plans to go out that night. Unfortunately, they were cancelled. I knew I was in for a night alone. Great. Disappointed that nobody wanted to drink with me, I snuggled up with a glass (or three) of Kahlua and my laptop. I listened to about seven INXS albums, called my mum, and watched the latest episode of Riverdale. God, that sounds like a sad night when I type it out…but it wasn’t. I’m not sure if it was the comfort drink, the sound of Mum’s voice, the cheesy tv show, or the fiery 80s tunes, but I felt content. Emotionally satisfied.

On Saturday my friend came over to study. Naturally, the day turned into shopping, baking, eating fast food and watching movies. I can’t remember the last time I actually had a movie night with ‘bad’ food, but it felt good.

It is now Sunday morning, and I realise that a weekend of calm and rest was exactly what my mind needed. It has reminded me how important it is to just slow down. I feel like a lot of people, myself included, get caught up in a work/play mindset. If you’re not working, then you should be playing. If you’re not doing either, then you’re wasting time.

But that’s not how it should be. We need time to rejuvenate, to just be. I forgot how wonderful it feels to sit back with a drink and lose myself in my favourite music. I forgot how satisfying it feels to indulge in junk food while watching Charlie’s Angels (side note: I have made it my personal goal to learn all of Cameron Diaz’s dances from that film, so that I can bust them out at any given moment).

To put it simply, we need to stop restricting ourselves to a stressful lifestyle. I’m going to remind myself of that from now on.


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