weekend update: 26/3/17

So, I had a pretty busy weekend. Here’s how I spent it…

Friday night: some friends and I had dinner and drinks at Fonda Mexican in Richmond. Mexican is my absolute favourite cuisine, so I was having a wow of a time. Afterwards, we went to the Corner Hotel to see Vallis Alps. They were insanely talented and very humble. The venue was really cool, too. We plan on going back there soon. After the gig, we travelled to Leongatha to stay with my friend’s family for the weekend.

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I tried out some red NYX blush on my eyelids for the night.  I was pretty happy with the result. Hello Robert Smith Hanging Garden vibes.
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Just look at how pleased I was to be surrounded by such yummy food. There were cocktails. There was guac. There was a burrito. Heavenly.

Saturday: We didn’t arrive at Leongatha until about 2am, so Saturday morning was a little slow…

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We had a delicious brunch at the cafe my friend works at, Number 9 Dream. I had house made toast with house made beans, spinach, relish and a rice milk cappuccino. I highly recommend the beans. Much better than the Heinz kind (no hate, I love a baked bean). We spent hours in Number 9. I worked on an assignment while the sunlight shone through the window.

Side note: rice milk is my new favourite plant milk. So much better in coffee than soy or almond.

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In my opinion, the best way to spend a Saturday night is with friends, a platter, and some icy beverages. My friends and I are getting this platter business down to an art.

Afterwards, we settled down by the outdoor fire to watch the footy. To my disappointment, the Hawks lost.

Sunday: The girls and I had a pretty chilled out morning. After breakfast (and a lot of coffee) I finished off and submitted my uni assignment. Then, it was off to a gorgeous place called Mount Martha, before heading back to Melbourne.

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None of us had been to Martha before, but it was definitely worth the detour. The water was a beautiful turquoise colour.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Melbourne was pretty cold last week, so it was great to be able to soak up some sun this afternoon.

Now, time to have a relaxing night with movies in bed, before the rush of uni tomorrow.

I hope you all had a good weekend!



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