my inner debate

Today I listened to a podcast. It was Mia Freedman’s No Filter. In this specific episode she interviewed Australian comedian Wil Anderson.

I have been a fan of Wil for years, so when I came across this episode I was all ears. It was interesting, but it was definitely not what I expected.

At one point Mia brought up the topic of children. Wil stated that he doesn’t want any. Mia was shocked and she probed him about it, but Wil remained adamant that he is not having kids. His reasoning? He doesn’t want to bring a child into this world. He compared the future of this world to Mad Max Fury Road.

That comparison hit me, because I agree with him. I am nearly twenty-one, and have a few older friends, so the topic of kids comes up often. During these conversations I tell my friends that I don’t plan on having kids until I am at least thirty. There are so many things I want to do first: finish my degree, travel the world, get a job… the list goes on. But I have another reason for not wanting kids in the near future. A reason that I don’t usually bring into conversation. I am scared of bringing a child into this world. Legitimately scared. Climate change is getting out of control, politics has become a joke, and the planet is severely over-populated.

Put simply, I believe there are more reasons to not have children than to have them. Thinking about it makes me sad, but it’s true. In a world where there is poverty, children without families, war and decreasing natural resources…wouldn’t it be selfish of me to have children?

Don’t get me wrong, I would never judge anyone for having kids. It’s a completely normal part of life that many people look forward to. I actually feel guilty because I know my family would want me to have kids.

I guess I just haven’t come to terms with what the future may hold. Not yet.

What are your thoughts?


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