first week feelings.

I am currently sitting in my college flat, relaxing after the first week back at university. I am majoring in journalism and must admit, I’m not a fan of study. Not one bit. However, after meeting my tutors I feel a tad more optimistic about what I will be doing this semester. I will learn how to create podcasts, how journalists undertake their research, and how to use social media as a marketing tool. That doesn’t sound too painful.

I find the contrast between my student life in Melbourne and my life at home strange. I come from a small desert town, in what seems (and feels) like the middle of nowhere. It’s hot and dry. It’s quiet and slow. Many of the people that live there get stuck. It is very easy to get stuck in Broken Hill, because it is so isolated. The closest city is three hours away, and the closest major city is six hours away. Melbourne is about ten hours away. I do love my home town, though. Despite the closed-minded people with their loud opinions (every small town has them), there are many interesting people. I have a lot of loved ones back home. I often miss them. I miss the vibrant sunsets and the stars, which are crystal clear in that clean country air. I also miss the streets at night, with their dim lights and old pubs. The pubs in Broken Hill are fantastic. One of them is quite famous, the Palace hotel. Watch The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and you’ll understand. The art is fantastic, too. On the other hand, I adore Melbourne. It is so quirky and exciting. I admire the fashion and their wearers. The main reason I decided to move here was to access the amazing music and art culture. The only thing I don’t like is the freezing winter, which seems to last for eight months rather than three.

The weather in Melbourne is absolutely glorious at the moment. I love the warm sun on my back, the sweet smell of the air. I don’t want it to end. It is only the third day of autumn, so hopefully the sun stays for a little while longer.

A friend and I are going to St Kilda tomorrow. We plan to soak up the sunshine, watch the waves and eat some scrumptious goodies.

It’s good to be back.



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