The most wonderful time of the year


There are only twenty days left until Christmas. Just let that sink in. Around this time every year, most people gift shop, attend Christmas parties, send out cards, stock up on festive foods and panic about all of the above because this holiday has a cheeky habit of sneaking up on everyone. But don’t worry, there is a light at the end of this very short tunnel. When the day arrives, nobody will judge you for having a champagne breakfast (followed by a red lunch and a vodka dinner).

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While it is no doubt the most stressful time of year, I absolutely adore Christmas. The cheesy songs, sparkly baubles, delicious food… I love it all. Most of all, I’m excited to spend the day celebrating with family.

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This will be my first Christmas as a vegetarian, so I am really looking forward to filling up on yummy roast veg, desserts and cocktails. I’m hoping to test out some vegetarian holiday recipes, so stay tuned.

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Christmas Eve is great in my rural hometown. Everyone comes home from university and we all gather in a pub to socialise and laugh over a few too many drinks. Boxing Day will be  just as fun, spent in my best friend’s pool. And of course, New Years Eve will be a blast.

I sincerely hope that all of you get through the next few weeks with minimal mental breakdowns (just remember that champagne breakfast). So, let the festivities begin!




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