Should the Victoria’s Secret fashion show come to an end?

Ah, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Every year, millions of people across America and the world tune in to watch the long-legged extravaganza of fashion, music and models.

Like everything, the VSFS has as many fans as it does critics. As the show was taking place, I came across an article on Fashion Journal, titled Why it’s time to bin the Victoria’s Secret fashion showThe article makes a few really good points. Yes, body image is an extremely serious issue and it is terrible that women still believe they need to look a certain way in order to be desirable. And yes, the show serves as a platform for creepy men to drool over the models.

However, the show is just that – a show. It is meant to be entertaining, it is meant to be fun. And while the models do go to extreme levels to obtain their VS bodies, they don’t necessarily do it in the worst way. Gone are the days where VS models only consume water and celery sticks. If anything, this year’s lineup of models encourage strength with their toned bodies. Many articles published in the lead-up to the show emphasise the intense training regimes and nutrient-rich foods that the models adopt into their lifestyles to prepare.

I do agree that society’s view of women, and the way women see themselves needs to change. That cannot be denied. I just don’t think that ‘binning’ Victoria’s Secret is the place to start. Compared with all of the terrible things currently occurring in the world, the VSFS is just an event. Let it be a positive one.



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  1. This. Times ten. Yes, there are problems with the show, but there is so much more going on in the world, and so much of it is much worse for women than this fashion show. We need to pick and choose our battles carefully.

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