Thursday, 1st December 2016.

This morning, as I was sipping on my coffee and browsing Vogue, I came across one article in particular that really resonated with me. A young American woman, only two years older than myself, wanted advice about moving to a new city and the prospect of being alone in that city. The article prompted me to look back on my year.

And what a year it has been.

Just nine months ago, I moved from an isolated desert town to the big city of Melbourne. I had a fear of anything that hinted ‘grown-up’. Public transport, university, voting… the inevitability of these things would make my heart race. The only thing that suggested confidence was my pixie cut and combat boots. As the year progressed, I made some amazing friends, learnt how to navigate across the city, aced my first year of university, and did lots of other ‘responsible adult’ things that made me feel pretty darn proud.

I think many of us don’t like to admit how frightening the little things in life can actually be. It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike. At first you are petrified of falling, then after a few times you forget that it was ever scary at all.

As I face the final month of 2016, and the new obstacles of 2017, I am afraid.

But, I am also ready.



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