Mood Boards

Note: this post was originally written for an assignment.

Mood boards are amazing creative tools. They combine various elements to convey a concept or atmosphere in a collage style. Images, textures, patterns, colours and text can all be used in mood boards, and they can be created physically or digitally.

01-kelly-weddingMood board by Vogue.

Designers often use mood boards to communicate their ideas in a visual way. I use them because they are inspiring, fun to make and satisfying to look at. I like to use paint, photographs, magazine scraps and fabric to create mood boards. Bits and pieces that have been collected over the years work well too. There aren’t really any rules when it comes to making a mood board.

A mood board that I created using images, patterned cardboard and paint on canvas.

The internet has endless resources for creating mood boards. Pinterest is perfect for collecting and displaying images in an organised format. If fashion design is your forte, then Polyvore is the place to go. There are also many tutorials on YouTube that relate to a range of creative fields.

tumblr_nuhhjlumhi1u221c8o1_1280tumblr_nt78ifh9kv1u221c8o1_1280tumblr_nj7yhi3fve1u221c8o1_1280Mood boards by Habitual Feels.

Happy creating!


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