career girl: Carrie Bradshaw

Note: this post was originally written for an assignment.

Ah, the iconic Carrie Bradshaw. Like many girls before me, I can only dream of having a life like hers. Her endless (slightly unrealistic) shoe collection, racy love life and loyal girl gang would make anyone jealous.

I admire Carrie, but not because of her glamorous lifestyle.

Carrie appeals to me because she builds f4c1322d94f3baaadc67d3e8b593ee9bherself a successful career by doing what she loves: writing.

When we are first introduced to the socialite, we learn that she writes a weekly column for a New York newspaper. She uses her own experiences and relationships as inspiration, and this gains her a following. A few series (and many Cosmopolitans) later, Carrie becomes a freelance writer for Vogue, and releases a best-selling book.

Carrie is successful because she writes about what she knows and what she’s passionate about. She remains dedicated to her column throughout the course of the show, and always makes her deadline. This doesn’t stop her from embracing the good things in life.

In an ideal world, we would all love our jobs. But, work is work, and sometimes work sucks. We can at least try to channel our creativity into a career that isn’t completely monotonous. Be independent and bold and honest. Pursue your passions, like Carrie.


Love her or hate her, we can all learn something from Carrie Bradshaw.


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