Embracing Individuality

Note: This post was originally written for an assignment.

Fashion has always been a primary form of self-expression for me, as well as a source of inspiration. I like to think that my personal style is a mixture of tomboy, grunge and punk-inspired pieces. However, I often tone down my style out of fear that people will judge me.

Last week I decided to embark on a personal challenge: For the whole week I would wear whatever I wanted. I know, I know…that doesn’t sound like much of a challenge. Well for me, it was. I wanted to see what would happen after a week of dressing for myself, rather than for others.

On the first day I threw myself into it. I wore a long grey jumper that I have wanted to wear for months, but had avoided because I thought others might not like it.
And what happened?
I felt great for the whole day and received several compliments. That first day motivated me to really embrace my style and to be less self-conscious.

As the week went on, it became easier and easier to wear the clothes that I am normally too afraid to wear. The highlights of my week included:

  1. Badges of my favourite band (the Cure) that I decided to pin on my denim jacket. Rather than feeling embarrassed by my accessories, I felt proud.
  2. My favourite green tartan pants that I have wanted to wear out since purchasing them, but have not out of fear of standing out. The night that I wore those pants was the most fun I have had in ages.

Here is what I learnt :

  1. The days that I wore my favourite items without worrying what people thought were the days that I felt the most confident.
  2. Being different and standing out is fun.
  3. It’s okay to wear a hoodie and leggings when hungover…
  4. Having a unique style is interesting.

From now on I aim to wear whatever the hell I want, everyday. Especially on the days that I am feeling self-conscious.

I urge all fellow shy beings out there to do the same. It doesn’t necessarily have to apply to fashion choices, either. Challenge yourself to not care for a week, and see what happens. You won’t regret it.



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