Five simple ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle Looking after the environment shouldn't feel like a chore. What can you do to live a greener life?


The Melbourne sharehouse: a cultural icon

The sharehouse has been immortalised by film, literature and the cultural memory. A pile of shoes sits at the door, while a stack of mismatched crockery balances precariously in the sink. Ash and empty bottles litter the dirt-encrusted carpet. The hum of overlapping routines fills the air. The sharehouse setting, so familiar to many, has... Continue Reading →

What fuels Melbourne’s independent music scene?

Artists, venues and punters supporting a city of music. How do you access music? If your answer is streaming, then you are sitting with the majority. Streaming is the main way that Australians listen to music. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on even the most proficient artists. Joey McGahey, editor in chief at Hysteria Magazine, says the... Continue Reading →

Australia punching above its weight in vegan market

Animal welfare, the environment, and health are among the factors vegans say prompted them to turn to a completely animal free diet.  Shannon Jenkins reports. Transcript: Veganism: it’s a word that gets thrown around a lot. Veganism has been referred to as a trend, a lifestyle, and a philosophy, and it’s been the subject... Continue Reading →

book review: Sophisto-punk

Sophisto-punk: The story of Mark Opitz & Oz Rock By Luke Wallis, Jeff Jenkins, and Mark Opitz 2012 Opening the pages of Sophisto-punk, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After inspecting the front cover, I thought, okay, this guy has worked with a lot of iconic Australian musicians. But what does that mean? For someone... Continue Reading →

New research gives hope for stroke victims

New research has found injecting human cells into stroke patients can reduce brain damage and aid recovery. Shannon Jenkins reports. La Trobe University’s Professor Chris Sobey says human amniotic cells can reduce nerve cell death and accelerate healing in stroke patients. "They hone in on sites of injury and they reduce the amount of inflammation... Continue Reading →

my overseas adventure: part 2

I'll get straight into part two of my holiday highlights. You can read part one here. EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND Edinburgh was my absolute favourite city that we visited for many reasons. Here are a few: The architecture, The walkability (we didn't need public transport once while we were there), The energy. The city is absolutely enchanting.... Continue Reading →

my overseas adventure: part 1

I'll be honest, I have been avoiding writing this blog post because I didn’t want to accept that the holidays are over. Since we are approaching the end of February, it is probably time to face reality. I was lucky enough to spend December and January exploring England, Ireland, Scotland and Rome with my family.... Continue Reading →

underneath the stars

  It's the most wonderful time of the year... I cannot believe that Christmas is only two weeks away. Which, for me, means that there's only one week until I hop on a plane and fly to London! I have spent the last few weeks relaxing in my hometown, catching up with family and friends.... Continue Reading →

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